Sunday, July 25, 2004

Nice Try

Anybody catch Bush's speech to the Urban League? Not only was the body of his speech unconvincing, but he led it off with a lengthy informal period of what I like to refer to as "shout outs." The President must have been advised that it's customary among "black folks" to give props to your close associates. Now anyone could tell the President was just trying to lead into his speech with a bit of levity, but when you turn down the NAACP is it really right to begin a speech by implying that T. Willard Fair, pres. of Miami's Urban League, drank all of the president's beer? Or how about when he told Al Sharpton he appreciated him "throwing his hat in the ring." It's not that it sounded condescending, it's just... well no. It did sound condescending. You might as well have given Sharpton a little league baseball cap and had the president patting him on the back and telling the little tyke to try harder next time.

THE PRESIDENT: There you go. It's not over. (Laughter and applause.) Just don't declare right now. (Laughter.) Welcome. Glad you're here.

*sigh of disgust* Yeah there ya go W. Give the little guy some encouragement. Bush came to the speech with the mindset that he was a big big dog and was gracing this not so big organization with his presence. OH HEY! THE PRESIDENT IS JOKING AROUND WITH US! LET'S GIVE HIM OUR VOTE!!!! (sarcasm) Does he realize the immense uphill battle he would have to fight to really get the black vote? It takes more than a one-stop shop for small businesses. When will he set up a one-stop shop for victims of racism and prejudice? When will he learn that sticking a Colin Powell in his staff and then ignoring Powell's opinions does not constitute a positive agenda for civil rights?

Read a transcript of Bush's speech to the Urban League and tell me what you think.