Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Kerry to Appear on the Daily Show Tonight!

Via Dominic at the VAYD blog.

John Kerry will be on the Daily Show tonight on Comedy Central at 11pm. This is his first national TV interview since the Swift Boat Ads became an issue. It says something that Kerry is bypassing all sorts of "normal television news programs" and going to the show that much of America's youth trusts for political news. The post had an article on it here.

In fact, Stewart's show has so much buzz during this election, it's
annoying some of the traditional TV newsies.

"A lot of television viewers -- more, quite frankly, than I'm
comfortable with -- get their news from the Comedy Channel on a program called
'The Daily Show,' " "Nightline" anchor Ted Koppel whined to his viewers in a
telecast from the Democratic convention in Boston.

During that telecast, Stewart took issue with Koppel's comment, saying
"Daily Show" fans watch "for comedic interpretation" of the news.

"To be informed," Koppel replied, refusing to budge from his position.
"They actually think they're coming closer to the truth with your show."

Stewart shot back: "Now that's a different thing, that's credibility,
that's a different animal."

Woot. John Stewart = my hero. Does anybody remember during the DNC when he stomped on Harry Bonilla, that member of the Republican rapid-response team? He catches the GOP rapid response crew twisting the truth red handed, and in the meantime embarasses the pants of Congressman Bonilla. Yay! Watch the video here. [edit: And for those of us without Windows Media Player 9, catch a transcript here.]

I can't wait