Sunday, August 22, 2004

String Cheese Incident

I'm just not even going to pretend to know how on-topic this is, but it meanders across a lot of topics; rock bands, activism, kids, GOTV, cows and cheese -- so here it is.

There has been occasional notice taken of the hooping (or for the more hoopaliciously inclined) pedestrian signs around the country, and much chronilogically-challenged speculation as to where they come from. Since at least two of us here are possibly too old to already know; the synchopated, ambulating icons are the by-product of the String Cheese Incident.

SCI is a set of 5 ski bums-cum-benevolent band which apparently, according to Friends of Cheese, performs, among other things, a cover of Jerry Jeff Walker's 'Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother'. FOC is teamed up with a group called Conscious Alliance to stage food drives at every String Cheese Incident show (not just any food frives, mind you, but more socially concious ones encouraging "donations of low-sodium and health food oriented products") as well as with HeadCount who do voter registration drives at various alternative/Dead/hippy concerts and festivals.

SCI is also involved in other Gouda Causes.

Oh, and as for the cows?