Wednesday, October 06, 2004

HIV/AIDS in the African American Community

You know, usually when one of the candidates in a debate refuses to answer a question, I can see some motive behind it so I pay no attention to it. As an African American female it is important to me that members of both parties concern themselves and show a knowledge of things that concern me. In Tuesday's Vice Presidential Debate, a question was specifically asked about HIV/AIDS Among African Americans .
Why did both Cheney and Edwards talk about everything but AIDS in the African American Community? At least Cheney was honest enough to say he knew nothing about HIV/AIDS in the African American Community. However John Edwards rather then admit a similar ignorance, proceeded to talk about every American without health insurance. This was an opportunity to show the African American community that they cared enough to be adequately informed. There is no excuse on the part of either candidate for ignorance on such a huge issues. Maybe this is why so many in the African American community think that they are being ignored by both parties. Why is it that this one question that addressed an issue so deeply affecting African Americans in this country was unanswered?