Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Doing Right by America

Senator Tom Daschle's floor speech today redefines the terms of the debate:
Doing Right By America

In just over 100 days, the American people will make an historic and fateful decision.

They will decide whether we stay the course we’re on, or move our country in a new and better direction.

As I’ve traveled around South Dakota and the nation, I’ve heard a lot about the hopes and dreams Americans have for their families. I’ve listened to ranchers and farmers, teachers and mothers, police officers and firefighters.

I am always humbled by the honesty of their message. Families in South Dakota and across our nation aren’t asking for special deals or special advantage. All they want is a fair opportunity on a level playing field. They want to know that there’s only one set of rules, and that the game isn’t rigged against them.

Most of all, they want to know that as we make decisions affecting the future of our country, our first priority is Doing Right by America.

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Senator Daschle does everything in this speach that Democrats need to do to win:

  • (Re-)Define the terms of the public debate
  • (Re-)Claim the moral high ground
  • Champion the issues of working class Americans
  • Offer real policy solutions
  • Speak everyday language
  • Hold the Republicans publically accountable for their betrayals of the American people

  • Reading this has made my day.

    My only question is, why is this speach coming from Tom Daschle and not John Kerry?