Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Not old enough for politics?

Think again.
Twelve year old speaker wows convention delegates

(Ilana) Wexler, who founded a grassroots group called, was rewarded last week with a phone call from Teresa Heinz Kerry inviting her to address the convention in prime time...With her high pitched voice and breathy enthusiasm, the seventh grader from Oakland, Calif., wowed the crowd Tuesday night.

...Jonathan Wexler said his daughter decided to get involved in politics after listening to Bruce Springsteen's Sept. 11 tribute album, The Rising, and traveling with her family through Central America and Europe for five months last year, where she saw how the Iraq war had affected the world. After researching all the candidates, she settled on Kerry...In February, Wexler began doing voluntary phone banking for the Kerry campaign, and launched shortly thereafter...Ilana has even done her part to grease the Kerry money machine, turning her own birthday party last March into a Kerry fund raiser.


That could be any one of you making a speech at the DNC, you know. And I look forward to watching many of you get up there over the years in a variet of roles.

If you have friends or younger brothers or sisters that aren't into this yet, try turning them on to Ilana Wexler's group, Kids for Kerry.