Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sexism, Ageism, & Blogging

At this point, a whole bunch of people are talking about how to get more women involved in political blogging.

I think the discussion is germane to young bloggers, too. Sexism and ageism aren't all that dissimilar--in fact, many of the ways that we disempower women boil down to infantilizing them.

And thus, I would like to invite ALL of you to join in the conversation. I'm talking about it on Tzuredzuregusa here, with links to some of the other blogs talking about the same thing.

Post here or over there, but please pipe in. I would really like to hear your perception of the obstacles to blogging...and then brainstorm on what we can do to help. I'm also curious to hear how much the sexism parallels your experiences of ageism.