Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Blog with your Congressman

Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher (District 9) is guestblogging for Larry Lessig this week, and it seems that the whole of the ‘net is abuzz about it. Yesterday he blogged about the Induce Act, and today the Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act (DCRA) and fair use. He’s not only writing up entries, but then engaging in discussion with the folks who provide intricate queries about his policy positions. It’s rare that a representative has this level of knowledge on a topic of such importance, and, armed with that knowledge, does the right thing, but that’s Rick Boucher.

If you are interested in file sharing (yes, as in MP3's), copy rights and the internet, or would just like the opportunity for open access to one of Virginia's top Democrats, stop by the blog and join in the discussion.

Via Waldo Jaquith.