Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blog Forecast: heavy showers, scattered blogging

Richmond's horrific weather this summer (lots of rain and storms, the tail ends of the hurricanes hitting Florida, flooding) have exacerabted my lethal mold allergies and some other health conditions, and I'm just not lucid enough to be an articulate or steady blogger at the moment. I'm still reading *your* blogs, even if I'm not commenting, and I'm just not posting a whole lot.

Matt Stoller on BOP generously mentioned the women's progressive political blogroll I discussed here earlier. That project is on hold, too--although if anyone else wants to run with it on her own, or would like to work with me on it, let me know.

I'm afraid my minor but insistent health inconveniences are far more immediate demands on my attention than writing for the moment. But I'll be around, in a diluted form, and I'll certainly be back.