Thursday, January 27, 2005

Exciting News!

Hey Everyone!

Is everyone gearing up for the 2005 election? I know communication among all of us has slowly tapered off after the disappointing outcome of the election in November, but there are a number of reasons to look on the bright side. Campaign 101 was held on July 10th and 11th, only a few months before the elections, and while the campaigns were already in full swing, now we have the opportunity to get involved from the beginning and really get campaign experience. We have all been trained by the pros, and spoken to by the successful. We have strong backgrounds and the potential to really make a difference for some Democrats running for office.
There is exciting news for all of us! Someone who we all know personally is running for State Delegate and wants to get us all involved. David and Shayna Englin both spoke at Campaign 101 months before David ever thought about running for office, but a seat in his district opened up and he decided to go for it! This is great for all of us because someone who knows us and believes in the importance of youth involvement in campaigns and politics wants to get us all involved in his campaign to get the most worthwhile and beneficial experience possible. I strongly encourage any and all of you to contact him to see what you can set up, whether it is volunteering in your spare time, or going for a full-time internship on his campaign. This is a great opportunity to build your networks in politics and thank him for investing his time in us this summer! I will be working for him, doing as much as I can from down here at Virginia Tech and then more regularly when I come home in May. I hope everything is going well for all of you and that I see some of you soon!
Contact David at: or 703-549-0569