Wednesday, July 28, 2004

In case you didn't catch Jay Myerson...

...check out this flash animation about what happened with the voter purge list in 2000.

Via Ian at BOPnews.

Jay Myerson is General Counsel to the Democratic Party of Virginia. He swung by Campaign 101 late in the afternoon of Sunday, July 11. Most of you had left to face the long drives home, but Jay spent about half an hour talking with those of us were left about the 2000 Florida Recount, which he and Jack Young led for the Gore campaign. Prevailing wisdom says that if the Gore team had listened to Jay and Jack..we'd be re-electing Gore right now. I highly recommend Jeffrey Toobin's book Too Close to Call,which gives a play by play of what happened with the recount--for those of you who missed hearing it first-hand from Jay.