Friday, July 16, 2004

Do you spell that "censure" or "censor"?

Rep. Corinne Brown was censured in Congress today for calling the Florida 2000 election a coup d'etat, and her remarks were stricken from the record.
Watch the tv footage here.
Read the excellent full coverage on Buzzflash here.

Jeff -- any observations from the cloakroom?

Ad'jer blog

Simone, I've added your live journal to the blog roll.

If this is not cool, you can log in and delete it or let me know and I'll delete it.

Lainie, where's your blog? Carleton, you said you've got a few on the go...add'em in.

Who else has a blog or a livejournal?

Virginia Youth Support John Kerry

C101's friend Dominic Gabello reports good news for the Kerry-Edwards ticket in Virginia on the Virignia Young Democrats blog: Virginia voters 18 to 34 support Kerry at 52 beautiful percent! Read the whole post here.

If we can turn out the Youth Vote and the vote of people of color, we can carry this state and take the White House.